Klarna is looking for Product Managers for our core services to our Stockholm office. We are in a unique position to influence payments not just in Northern Europe but across the globe.

Klarna Product Management

Product Management is the heart of Klarna’s business. It’s where we push ideas that revolutionize how consumers behave. It’s where we experiment and decide on what to do based on data. It’s where the business connects directly with our development teams and where the team always trumps the individual. Passion is everything. We have the ambition to do what it takes to make the product and in turn Klarna successful.

Our approach is based on a dual-track agile development process where we strive for continuous discovery and development of features. We understand that fast failure is success. For this to work you need to work close together with development teams and other product managers. We believe co-location (you sit with the team) is important since speed and communication is key when we fail fast.

Working with core services means that Product managers would need to work with systems that enable our operations and secure our leadership position within payments.

From Idea to Product

Our Product Managers not only own a product and prioritize backlog. They drive Klarna’s vision through strategic thinking and do research and discovery of new ideas that can influence millions of consumers and thousands of merchants. Testing hypotheses with data are essential part of the process. When we have something we believe in, we build it.

Product Managers at Klarna are leaders and experts. They are informal leaders that influence how both Product and Developers work. They are also experts in their industry and their domain and can easily zoom out from implementation details to strategy. The leader of the product knows that the only way to make a product successful is to actually launch it with customers.

Furthermore you have multiple years of product management experience, building and delivering products. You need to have experience from working with backend systems. Your deep technical understanding is a foundation to build upon. At the same time you are as good as a sales person in pitching your product to customers and stakeholders. And you know how to discuss strategy with senior leadership.

What We Do

Buying, paying and interacting with Klarna should always be a smooth experience. There are a lot of things happening in the Payments industry and Klarna is in a unique position to influence not just payments in Northern Europe but across the globe. Behind a simple interface that both consumers and merchants love there is an increasing complexity of credit risk assessments, transactions, integrations and of course data. And we are passionate about doing it right.
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Written by gh0st